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Dr Laynara Figueiredo Lugli


Forest engineer and tropical ecologist by degree; enthusiastic cook and coffee drinker by passion.


I'm currently a postdoc researcher at the Amazon-FLUX project at the Technical University of Munich, Freising, Germany. My goal is to linking soil nutrients and lowland forest functioning in a changing climate, with emphasis on the role of drought.

Upcoming Events

EGU General Assembly
hybrid meeting
23-27 of May 2022
AmazonFACE weekly meetings
Friday mornings

My Latest Research

Understanding how soil properties, especially phosphorus availability in tropical forests affect key above and belowground processes is crucial for the current and future forest functioning.The aim of my current postdoc is to analyse how water availability, linked with drought extreme events will affect root traits, mycorrhizal associations and microorganisms functioning in Amazonia as part of the Amazon-FLUX project. 

Click below to see more details about my project.

The Amazon Fertilization Experiment (AFEX) is a large-scale soil nutrient manipulation study based on a Central lowland forest in Manaus, Brazil. The experiment aims to examine how nutrient availability affects carbon cycling in tropical forests and my role as a collaborator is to understand and integrate the belowground component.

The Free Air CO2 Enrichment Experiment in the Amazon (AmazonFACE) is a large-scale elevated CO2 manipulation project installed in a Central lowland forest in Manaus, Brazil. The experiment aims to examine how climate change threatens the resilience of Amazon forest and how this has the impact to affect the lives of millions in the planet.

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